We believe that food should be produced as naturally as possible, grazing our animals in a free-range rotational system, which we call “PASTURE RAISED”.

This allows the chickens to roam and scratch in the grass whilst enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Free-range hens grazing in a field.

Pastured Eggs

Our laying hens are able to mimic the natural behaviour of birds in the wild. We house our layers safely at night in the chicken caravan and release the birds early in the morning to freely range and do what chooks do best, scratch and eat insects disturbed by the cows that have passed though. The chicken caravans are frequently moved around the farm following closely behind the beef heard. Our birds go well beyond the “free range” label. We prefer to call our chickens “Pasture Raised” as they are able to move freely in open paddock all day long and we believe the eggs are “beyond organic”.

Pastured Meat Chickens

Living on a farm you are lucky to be able to eat the produce that you grow. Here at 9Dorf, since our children were tiny tots we have raised our own meat chickens and I can assure you, they taste nothing like the industrially produced chicken (including organic). There simply is no comparison. Our chickens are housed in a movable dwelling that is shifted every day to give them access to new pasture. We believe it is vitally important for our meat chickens to have fresh air, sunshine and exercise. Here at 9Dorf we want every animal to eat as much green grass as they could want. When you buy a chicken from us you will know exactly what you are getting… “chicken” as it was meant to be.

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