There is a huge shortage of seafood in the world today and with current legislation creating more marine parks and with world population growth combined with a shortage of fish in our oceans we have one of the most sustainable products of any primary production today.

Our aquaculture facility produces Jade perch, Barramundi and Murray Cod for the live and chilled fish market in Australia. Currently we are running a Recirculated Aquaculture System that produces 30 tonne of fish per annum. Expansion of our facility will occur in the next 18 months with another two 50 tonne systems to be commissioned.

Fish are grown from fingerlings to plate size of 600 to 800 grams over a 10 to 18 month period in tanks inside a bio secure facility. Quality fish are produced in an intensive filtration system with minimum impact on the environment. Having an enclosed facility gives us greater environmental control with no threat of discharge into water ways. Our facility runs on top quality bore water that is filtered in a very natural process through the Lockyer Valley’s underground aquifer system. We have minimal evaporation and any waste water is recycled for crop use. Water testing is completed on a regular basis to ensure our fish have the healthiest environment possible. Having our fish contained in a smaller area gives us the ability to constantly monitor their health ensuring customer satisfaction with a happy, healthy and tasty fish.

The benefits of growing fish in an intensive recirculation system are great compared with open pond facilities that require vast areas and intensive labour. We believe we are on the leading edge of technology in the aquaculture industry and using this latest technology we are able to cut electricity useage by a third compared to open pond systems. Open pond systems are subject to environmental conditions such as heat, cold, evaporation, birds and diseases and are also impacted by neighbouring properties farming habits such as spray drifts.

Farming in today’s financial climate has little rewards and by value adding to our farming operation we are proving that we can incorporate new ideas of diversification. Our operation is environmentally friendly and all waste water is used on our lucerne crops with great success. Our teamwork is a family effort and has been embraced by not only our family members but also our local community.

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